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Articles and metajournal Notes

A great way to capture and share knowledge gleaned from the evidence is with...

You may have noticed that suggested articles arriving in your emailed metajournal or appearing in online article lists have a pearl or summary above the abstract. My aim is to make keeping up to date and understanding the current literature even more time efficient.

You can add your own notes to any article or abstract you read — both to help you capture the most actionable 'take-away' message, and also to share your wisdom with others. Simple scroll down below the article abstract to find a list of notes and a text-box for you to add your own.

Notes can be either pearls, summaries or comments, depending on the type of information you want to share.

Two examples of articles with notes to get you started:

Jump in and share your wisdom!

Wow! A great response from our beta users!

A big thank you to all those members of metajournal who signed up for our special beta pricing – I am humbled by your support!

Metajournal has been in open beta for only a few weeks, yet the number of articles we have indexed and the number of doctors using metajournal continues to grow.

While metajournal's supernatural-ability to suggest interesting articles is the core of the service, I have many new features currently being worked on – and even more on the drawing board. I am most excited to soon be adding the ability to add notes to articles: summaries, pearls and comments to share with the rest of the metajournal community.

Our special beta pricing will only continue for another couple of weeks, so sign up now for a paid account to save $50 on your first year subscription – and so keep up to date!

Metajournal now in open beta!

Exciting news for metajournal this week — we're in open beta! This means that now anyone can sign up for a metajournal account and stay up to date with the latest, most personally relevant evidence in anesthesia, critical care and emergency medicine.

To thank all our early access users already using metajournal, we have both new pricing – and for a limited time a further $50 off the first year of your metajournal subscription.

Start your subscription today.

The quality of metajournal's article recommendations have continued to improve, and get spookily prescient once you are following a critical number of topics. To get (very!) good results follow at least 30 topics. For clairvoyant-quality evidence suggestions aim for 50-100 topics and be delightfully surprised!

Thank you!

We just indexed our 50,000th article

The number of new articles published keeps increasing everyday. In fact PubMed adds roughly one new article to its 23-million-strong database every minute!

Metajournal indexes, qualifies and assesses each new article from (currently) more than 70 critical care specialty journals – each and everyday. Today we just indexed our 50,000th article from which metajournal can recommend to you the highest quality, most significant and personally relevant evidence for you and your unique practice.

Each day we add another 20 to 100 new articles to that repository – to keep us all up to date.

And if you are reading this in the future (queue Dr Who theme music...) the metajournal article library right now stands at an impressive 1,653,579 articles!

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