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On Anaesthesia and Simplicity

It is easy to lose sight of the core of the practice of anaesthesia. As a profession we are easily seduced and distracted by the new and exciting; quickly forgetting that satisfyingly favourable outcomes for our patients occur not because of the advances in the technology and pharmacology of anaesthesia, but rather are owed to our training and performance as anaesthetists and anaesthesiologists managing that complex system.

Our ability to understand the complex model of patient, surgeon, drugs and scalpel; to resist distraction by the blinkenlights of whatever new device has been dragged in by the friendly equipment rep; the exciting kinetics of the latest drug; or the new ventilator modes on the anaesthetic machine - our ability to conceptually simplify these things and achieve good outcomes is at the core of what we do.


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The number of new articles published keeps increasing everyday. In fact PubMed adds roughly one new article to its 23-million-strong database every minute!

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Better is continuous, incremental improvement

The Japanese have a word 'Kaizen' (改善) that captures the concept of continuous improvement, or at a greater level, the philosophy of continuous improvement made in small incremental steps. Kaizen empowers the individual to improve their work in small, but significant ways. Each small improvement compounds upon the last, driving personal and institutional excellence. But this starts with the individual, humanized. Can metajournal lead you to kaizen?

Metajournal: Assessing and applying the evidence

It’s not that Dr. John Ioannidis envisions doctors making all their decisions based solely on solid evidence — there’s simply too much complexity in patient treatment to pin down every situation with a great study. “Doctors need to rely on instinct and judgment to make choices,” he says. “But these choices should be as informed as possible by the evidence. And if the evidence isn’t good, doctors should know that, too. And so should patients.”

— David Freedman on Dr. John Ioannidis, medical meta-researcher.

   Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science, The Atlantic, 2010.

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