• Chembiochem · Dec 2021


    Bioinorganic Chemistry of Zinc in Relation to the Immune System.

    • Kasper Planeta Kepp.
    • DTU Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, Building 206, 2800, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.
    • Chembiochem. 2021 Dec 10: e202100554.

    AbstractZinc is well-known to have a central role in human inflammation and immunity and is itself an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. Despite its massively documented role in such processes, the underlying chemistry of zinc in relation to specific proteins and pathways of the immune system has not received much focus. This short review provides an overview of this topic, with emphasis on the structures of key proteins, zinc coordination chemistry, and probable mechanisms involved in zinc-based immunity, with some focus points for future chemical and biological research.© 2021 Wiley-VCH GmbH.

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    This article appears in the collection: Does zinc have antiviral activity?.


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