• Cancer metastasis reviews · Jun 2015


    Five critical elements to ensure the precision medicine.

    • Chengshui Chen, Mingyan He, Yichun Zhu, Lin Shi, and Xiangdong Wang.
    • Department of Respiratory Medicine, Wenzhou Medical University affiliated The First Hospital, Wenzhou, China.
    • Cancer Metastasis Rev. 2015 Jun 1; 34 (2): 313-8.

    AbstractThe precision medicine as a new emerging area and therapeutic strategy has occurred and was practiced in the individual and brought unexpected successes, and gained high attentions from professional and social aspects as a new path to improve the treatment and prognosis of patients. There will be a number of new components to appear or be discovered, of which clinical bioinformatics integrates clinical phenotypes and informatics with bioinformatics, computational science, mathematics, and systems biology. In addition to those tools, precision medicine calls more accurate and repeatable methodologies for the identification and validation of gene discovery. Precision medicine will bring more new therapeutic strategies, drug discovery and development, and gene-oriented treatment. There is an urgent need to identify and validate disease-specific, mechanism-based, or epigenetics-dependent biomarkers to monitor precision medicine, and develop "precision" regulations to guard the application of precision medicine.

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