• Clin J Pain · Jan 1989


    Psychological factors affecting migraine.

    • B H Shulman.
    • Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, IL 60625.
    • Clin J Pain. 1989 Jan 1; 5 (1): 23-8.

    AbstractPsychological factors are known to increase the severity and intensity of headaches. When they are shown to be present, an appropriate psychiatric diagnosis is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual's (DSMIII-R) category of psychological factors affecting physical condition (code no. 316.0). These factors can be differentiated into stress factors, personality traits, psychodynamic factors, learned behaviors, and mood disturbances. The factors overlap and intertwine in the average headache patient. Attention to these factors in a systematic way should enhance our understanding and treatment of the chronic headache patient.

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