• Does dexamethasone reduce post-caesarean section pain?


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    • Does peri-operative intravenous dexamethasone reduce pain and opioid consumption after caesarean delivery? YES
    • Are the effects statistically significant? YES
    • Are the effects clinically significant? Possibly, though pain scores are only modestly improved and the reduction in opioid use is only small.
    • Are the findings applicable to my patient population? Possibly, though the majority of studies were performed in Middle East, Asian & South Asian hospitals, and with diverse post-operative analgesic regimes.
    • Is peri-operative dexamethasone safe? Probably, though few studies were adequately powered to identify less-common potential side effects, such as infection or delayed wound healing.
    • Quality of evidence is low to modest. Notably, the primary outcome for most studies was PONV reduction, not post-operative pain.
    • Should this evidence result in routine practice change? Probably not at this stage. IV dexamethasone may however be an appropriate intervention in select patient groups.
    Daniel Jolley  Daniel Jolley
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